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"It has been my pleasure to work with Joe for more than five years as he helps us represent our business interests on Capitol Hill. He has consistently demonstrated his understanding of the inner workings of the political system and his ability to navigate the matrix of representatives and staffers to cull out the individuals who are best suited to consider our needs. Joe has taken the time to understand our business and its nuances to help us build a solid, proactive plan to meet our legislative goals. As General Counsel of our company, I appreciate Joe’s solid, down-to-earth, pro-active, no nonsense approach."
Allen Walker
Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Heritage Health Solutions
"I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Joe for over 15 years. He is a results-driven communicator who develops and implements strategies that reflect his clients values and goals with the highest level of integrity. Joe is well-connected and resourceful, both nationally and internationally, being proactive in seeking, offering and achieving sustainable solutions across a wide variety of disciplines. His presence exudes leadership and inspires confidence, earning the trust of all parties involved in any given situation. I unequivocally recommend him."
Tim Nalepka
Energy & Environment Regulatory Professional
"Joe is a Washington insider who does not over-promise or under-perform. He really knows his way around the Hill and key agencies and has great relationships with key staff throughout the city. He watches out for his clients' interests with a vengeance. A company or industry with a lot riding on quality representation at the federal level will get the very best available if Joe is at the helm."
Mark Grueskin
Shareholder, Recht Kornfeld, PC
We’ve known Joe for a little over 5 years as a knowledgeable strategist and a trusted consultant in business and politics. Being so very well-connected to all the important decision makers in the US as well as abroad, Joe is capable of developing a long-term strategy for his clients and is fully equipped to successfully implement it step by step. There is no such word as «impossible» in Joe’s vocabulary, as he always finds an opportunity to meet the actual needs of his clients. In fact, he often knows those needs before the client even voices them, which makes communication with Joe so smooth and comfortable.
Galina Yatsura
International Communications Director, Mainstream PR Agency
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